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Italian style

The recipe

We connect them with Italy like hardly anything else. It just tastes always and the fragrance awakens our appetite.  

And the best thing about i
t is that it's not even complicated or takes an excessively long time.


I reworked the pizza recipe. 

Now that I had baked the recipe 10 times and was always not 100% satisfied with the dough, I happened to find the following ingredients with a detailed description on an Italian delicatessen page. 

It was mentioned that this flour was designed in such a way that the gluten in this flour binds perfectly after only 30 – 90 minutes. That is, short rest periods for the dough and better results for the pizza. I have to try that. In addition, I found out that in Italy only this brewer's yeast is used for pizza baking and that it has a completely different aroma than conventional yeast.

And then the secret ingredient "Lievetro Madre". an active sourdough culture from fermented wheat germs. It can be taken instead of yeast or added to the dough in addition to the yeast. I chose the last variant and achieved very good results. 


For the tomato sauce I have a special tip:

For the best taste, take the original San Marzano tomatoes to prepare the sauce. These grow only at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in Italy and are so incredible in taste due to the geographical location and the special soil. They are harvested by hand and not processed industrially. They are expensive, but they are worth it. The taste is incredible.

These tomatoes lightly seasoned with a good Italian herb mix



600g Caputo Flour Blue Type 00

7g Italian brewer's yeast

18g salt

1TB in sugar

30g Lievetro Madre (about 5% of the amount of flour)

400 ml lukewarm water (approx. 26°C)

Put the flour in the mixing bowl and add the salt and the Lievetro Madre. 

Remove from the water about 100ml into an extra container and dissolve the Italian brewer's yeast and the sugar in it. Leave this mixture for about 5 min until the yeast is activated. 

This should then look like the picture on the side

Now add the water and yeast mixture to the mixing bowl and knead slowly. 

Knead the dough for about 20 min. until it is nicely elastic. 

Now let the dough rest.
Let go at room temperature about 45 min until it has roughly doubled.


In order to have an optimal temperature for the maturation of the dough, you can have the oven heated briefly to 50°C at the beginning of the dough preparation and then switch off. Place the finished dough in the remaining heat for 30 min in the oven, which has already cooled down a little. 

Then form about 180 – 200g of pizza dough from the dough and place it on a tin. So you get about 8 pizzas from the dough.

The dough pieces, which you do not need immediately, can also be stored well for a few days (in cling film or in a Tupper tin) in the refrigerator and become better with each day. 

These can be done for another 30 – 40 min and then they can be further processed.
In the meantime, you can prepare the tomato sauce and slice the mozzarella. 

Now is a good time to heat the oven to 250°C. Ideally, you should do this with a pizza stone, so that the heat is better distributed in the dough.

If you use a pizza stone, the oven should definitely have 45 min to preheat, so that the pizza stone really comes to 250°C. At the very least, this means that the pizza is ready in 5 – 6 min.

I once linked you to a pizza stone on Amazon. If you buy the via this link I get a small commission. Of course, you still pay the regular price. In this way you can support me and ensure that I can continue to operate the website in the future.
Thank you 🙂


Forms of pizza

Sprinkle the working area with enough flour and place the dough on top.
Now press with your fingertips from the center to the edge, pushing the air to the edge, creating a bulge at the edge. Then turn the pizza a little and repeat the whole thing. This is repeated until you are around (see picture on the side). 

The dough is then turned over and held with the right handball and the dough is pulled with the left hand. Then place the dough on the right hand and return to the work surface, turning it around a 1/4 rotation. This is also repeated until you are around once or twice. 

Now you should have the typical pizza form.
I once linked you a video below that I found very helpful:

How to make pizza

Now all we have to do is spread the prepared tomato sauce on the pizza, then spread the mozzarella on the pizza and cover it to your heart's content.

Then the pizza comes to the pizza stone in the heated oven and should be ready in 5 min.  

All that remains for me is to wish for a good appetite.
I hope you liked it. 

See you
Tom soon

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