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Here you will find everything about bread and pizza.

Delicious recipes for a wide variety of breads, recipes for French baguette, Italian bread and delicious pizza.



Burger Buns

Burger buns are just as important as any other ingredient in a burger. After trying around a bit, I can now present you my burger buns, which I think are almost perfect.

New Recipe - better crust and airy inside

French Baguette - New Recipe

French Baguette are one of the best white bread in the world. Even better now with this new recipe.

Try it out


Roggen Sauerteig Brot

A strong bread – fits well with a savoury topping for dinner.

Highly recommended.
Try it out straight away


Sauerteig selbst herstellen

Sourdough is an all-rounder. It makes the dough rise, makes it durable and even very digestible for us.

Perfect for baking bread.

“I’m not here.

Französisches Baguette

Delicious homemade French baguette.

Outside crispy and airy inside


Delicious toast is always an option. Golden brown baked it comes from the toaster and smells excellent …


Delicious freshly baked Sunday rolls. There is nothing better on Sunday morning. The kitchen smells of coffee and fresh bread rolls …

Pizza im Holzofen

The perfect oven to make pizza in the garden or on the terrace like from the Italian. And an even better pizza recipe with a long walking time

Pane Italiano

With this recipe for Italian bread you are always right. Tastes delicious for breakfast, savoury and also pasta. 

Italienische Pizza

A delicious Italian pizza, made relatively quickly and simply delicious for any occasion.

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