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Pane Italiano



The recipe

A delicious Italian bread goes well with breakfast as well as savoury dishes such as meat, fish or grilled. But it's also very tasty with pasta. 

I wanted to try out what you can make of a dough similar to the pizza dough with Lievetro Madre and have thought about I could make a delicious Italian bread in baguette form.  

Here I present you the result, which I think was very tasty and was not very elaborate in the production.



900g Caputo Flour Blue Type 00

18g salt

1TB in sugar

90g Lievetro Madre (approx. 10% of the amount of flour)

450 ml lukewarm water (approx. 26°C)

Put the flour in a bowl and then add the Lievetro Madre.Mix the whole thing well with a stir-fry spoon.
Now add the salt and sugar. 

Then clamp the mixing bowl into the food processor and mix slowly with the kneading hook.

Slowly add the water until a smooth supple dough is formed. The amount of water always varies a little depending on the humidity and flour condition. 

Now knead the whole thing well for about 20 min and then leave covered with a damp cloth at room temperature for about 1h.

Remove the dough from the bowl after walking and place on a well-floured worktop.

Now the dough is divided into 5 equal sized pieces a approx. 280 to 300g. 

The dough pieces are now folded from the sides into the middle (on both sides).

Then turn 90 degrees and fold again from the sides to the center. This is repeated 3 – 4 times until the dough is supple and has a certain tension.

The finished dough blanks should then look like in the picture.

Then leave to rest for about 20-30 min. 

Now is a good time to preheat the oven to 200°C top and ounce heat. Puts a heat-resistant bowl with water in the oven to create a little humidity in the oven. 

The dough is then placed back in the middle of the floured worktop and gently pressed flat with the fingertips until it has a flat rectangular shape.

on't roll out, otherwise all the air will go out of the dough, which we have painstakingly brought in in the fermentation process 🙂

The forming

Now remove the flour under the dough from the countertop and from the dough and turn it from the long side as tightly as possible with your fingertips.

At the end, you press the seam with the hand edge firmly on the worktop to close the roll.

The whole thing should look like the picture.

Now the dough is carefully rolled over the seam with both hands and the hands move from the center to the outside to pull the dough outwards and reach the desired shape.

You repeat this 1 – 2 times until you are satisfied with the desired shape and length for your baking sheet.

Cut and let go

When you are satisfied with the result, place the bread on a baking tray that you have previously laid out with baking paper. Take a very sharp knife or razor blade and cut the bread at an angle 1 – 2 centimetres deep so that it does not break up when it rises in the oven. 

Ideally, let the bread go for 20 – 30 min before putting it in the oven. If there is no time for this or the hunger is too great, however, it is also necessary. 

The ready-to-use bread should now look like the picture.

If it doesn't look like that, don't worry. This requires a little practice. My first attempts didn't look like the picture 😉

Nur noch Backen

Now the bread must be in the oven for about 20 – 25 min.

It is finished when it has all the colors from golden yellow to medium brown on the outside.

Then you just have to take it out of the oven, let it cool down for 10 – 15 min and then you can enjoy it. 

I hope you liked it and you try it out. 

I wish you a lot of fun baking.

Your Tom

P.: I am also pleased to receive suggestions for other variants of Italian bread. Read your experiences and recipes in the comments. I also like to bake them and publish them here with pictures.

Or contact me via the contact form or by mail. 

Ganz unten auf der Seite habt Ihr die Möglichkeit den Beitrag in den sozialen Medien zu teilen und die Seite zu "liken". 

Hinterlasst mir auch gerne einen Kommentar, wie es Euch gefallen hat.


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