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Here you will find all recipes that concern sweet stuff. From cakes and pies to muffins and various biscuits, you’ll find everything your heart desires here. 


Fast Almond Cake

If ther is no time and you want to have a tasty cake for the afternoon coffee.

Try it. It is easy


Danube Wave

A taste explosion – the cherries make it fruity and the buttercream and chocolate coating make it sweet.

Overall just delicious


Bee Sting

The Classic. Always good and perfect to the afternoon caffee.
Here is the receipe with a detailed description and pictures.

Try it now.

American CookiesNew

American Cookies - Very tasty cookies with Chocolate pieces from dark chocolate. Tasty inbetween with Tea or caffee. Click for the receipe

Apfel Wallnuss KuchenNew

This time a different apple pie. I had some nuts and apples from my own garden and thought I can combine these do a different kind of apple pie.

Joghurt Muffins

Loose light yoghurt muffins with chocolate pieces – The classic

Apfel-Vanille Kuchen

A fresh and not too sweet snack for coffee.
Not complicated to bake, not too heavy and quick to prepare.

Try it right away! It tastes super tasty.


A delicious creative recipe that surprises on the plate and tastes very tasty.

Let’s do something different.


Light marble cake with yoghurt that does not add so thick. A pleasure that is made quickly and that one does not regret.

Step by step instructions so that nothing can go wrong.

Joghurt Erdbeer Kuchen

An airy loose dough and a delicious strawberry filling.The whole thing covered with white chocolate! 

Sounds good?
Look at it.

Or better still try it!

Vanille Kipferl

Yes, it’s time again. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time for delicious biscuits.

Delicious vanilla kipferl are always welcome, aren’t they?


Get a piece of Italian lifestyle home.

Quickly made and long enjoyment


A sweet or for breakfast or for afternoon coffee with jam?

Frankfurter Kranz

The Frankfurt wreath is an annular buttercream cake, consisting of several floors, filled with buttercream and raspberry jam and coated with buttercream and covered with toasted almonds on the outside.

A delight for all senses


A delicious pastry at Advent time. Tastes good and is prepared very quickly.

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