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New recipe

The recipe

I love baguettes and keep trying to improve the existing recipe. So it is this time. 

Now I tried it with a pre-dough and an autolyse dough. This makes the crust crispier and the baguette airier inside. 

This time I tried it with 550 flour. But the French baguette flour type T65 is on the way and I will make the next attempt with the new flour at the weekend. 

The result was a lot better. With the French flour it should be even more airy inside and even crispier on the outside. 

But first of all, let's try it. 





200g flour

150g cold water

3 g dry yeast


Autolyse dough:


600g flour type 550

350g water

Main dough:



Autolyse dough

16g salt

6g yeast


After the walking time of 1-2h, the dough should have risen nicely and already be covered by bubbles (see picture on the right).

Now the glass comes into the refrigerator for about 8p to slow down and develop taste. 


Prepare pre-dough:


Put 200g of type 550 flour in a glass and mix with 150g of cold water until a soft and supple dough is formed. 

Then add the yeast as indicated and mix well again. 

Close the glass only slightly and place in a fermentation box for 1-2h or leave in a warm place where the temperature is constant 25 – 26 °C.



Prepare autolysis dough:


For the autolyse dough, mix 600g flour with 350g of water and mix it best with a fork and hands. Do not knead.  

We place the dough in a bowl with a lid and leave it at room temperature for 12-14 hours. 

In autolysis, starch and protein swell and the adhesive scaffold develops. Autolysis provides even more flavor, a larger pastry volume and a firm crust

Prepare the main dough:


Add the autolyse dough to the mixing bowl of the food processor and add the pre-dough. Mix on a low level with the kneading hook until a smooth dough is formed. 

Now add the yeast and salt and knead again at the lowest level with the kneading hook. 

Attention, the dough is relatively sticky. That must be the case. 

Now place the dough in a large bowl of olive oil and cover. Put the dough in a fermentation box for 3 h. In the first 2 hours the dough every 30min. from the sides of the bowl to the middle. 

After walking time, the dough should look something like the picture on the right. 



Teiglinge vorbereitet

Make baguettes from the dough:


Before we start splitting and moulding, the oven must be heated to 250°C over and under heat.

Cut the dough into 5 pieces a approx. 275g. Smash the individual pieces from both sides into the middle. Now slap from the end faces to the middle.

Repeat the whole thing so often until the dough is suspenseanded and is no longer so soft.

Then do the same with the other doughpieces. 



When the last dough is finished shaped again with the first start. Now, however, the whole thing is only repeated again.
Strike from the sides to the middle and then smash from the end faces to the middle. Roll in from the front of the front and then roll forward with the palms of the now round dough piece on the board. Go outside with the palms and slightly increase the pressure. This creates the typical baguette shape. 

Place the ready-rolled baguettes on the lightly floured baking tray and leave for about 30 min. 

I have given myself a new baking sheet that I can only recommend to you. I linked it to you right to the left of the text. 


Ready to bake:


Now that the baguettes have risen 30min, they come into the preheated oven. 

They should be baked with a lot of steam. I place a metal pot or a metal cinder filled with screws on the bottom of the oven during the heating phase. When I push the baguettes in, I spray atomized water in the pot with a plant spray gun. The water evaporates immediately and water vapor is produced. I repeat the whole thing a few times during the baking time. 

Due to the moisture from the steam, the baguettes can rise much better, as it takes longer for a crust to form. 

A wonderful smell and taste

Now just enjoy

After about 20 min. your baguettes should be ready and your kitchen smell seductively.

All I have left is to wish you a good appetite and I hope you enjoyed it.

See you.
Your Tom


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