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As you could already see from the pictures and the headline, I finally bought a pizza oven with which you can make pizza like the Italian.

The pizza oven is called Ooni Fyra and is a wood-burning oven heated with pellets. 

He has integrated a pizza stone and you can prepare a pizza up to a maximum of 33cm in diameter.  

At the rear part there is the combustion chamber in which the pellets are lit and within 15 min the oven heats up to approx. 500 °C. 

Then he's ready to make pizza around the corner like the Italian!

The pizza comes to the pizza stone and must be turned every 15 seconds so that it does not turn black on one side. Within 60 – 80 seconds the pizza is ready to eat.  

I can tell you that the taste of the pizza is not comparable to a pizza from an electric oven. Even how the edge rises and how crispy and yet fluffy the edge is, is only comparable to a pizza from an Italian restaurant. 

New recipe

To make the pizza perfect, I have revised the recipe a little more:

I now take the red flour from Caputo, which was specially designed for a long walk of the dough. 

The rest of the ingredients have remained the same. 

Overall, the dough now contains more water and less yeast.

500ml cold water

800g Caputo Cuoco pizza flour

20g salt

1.5g dry yeast

10g Lievetro Madre

1tbin olive oil


I use a special dry yeast from Caputo and of course Lievetro Madre. 

Both, as well as many other great Italian things, can be found at www.Gustini.at. All products from there come directly from Italy and are otherwise difficult to get. 

You get caputo flour from both Gustini and the Metro. I always buy it in 5Kg packages in the metro, as it is cheaper there. 

Below I link the whole thing to you again with the corresponding pictures.


First, fill the cold water into the mixing bowl and then add the salt.

Now add about 100g of flour and the olive oil so that the yeast, which comes in sizzled, has a breeding ground. This mixture is then well mixed.

Now add the dry yeast and Lievetro madre and stir it again for about 5 min. 

Next, add the remaining flour and knead for about 15 min (or have it kneadified if you have a food processor).

If the dough has a nice consistency and is smooth stirred, remove the dough from the mixing bowl and form into a smooth ball. 

Now grease a bowl (large enough that the dough can at least double in it) with a brush with olive oil (so that the dough can be removed from the shell after going). 

Then add the prepared ball to the bowl and let the dough go for about 2-3 hours when the lid is closed (so that the dough does not dry out). 

If the dough has at least doubled, you can shape the dough into 6 about 240g balls and put it in a fermentation pan.I take a large plastic bowl with lid, which has a relatively low height. The lid and the low height are important so that the dough does not dry out but remains nicely moist.

Close the fermentation pan well and place in the fridge for 24 – 48 h and let it ferment. A temperature of about 16°C would be perfect. But in the fridge it's also just slower. Then put 48h in.

On the day the pizza is prepared, take the dough out of the fridge about 2 hours before preparing.  

The tomato sauce

To make the perfect pizza you also need the perfect tomato sauce. 

And to get them you don't need many ingredients. But the right ones. And most importantly, cook the tomato sauce beforehand and let it cook well. This gives you the perfect pizza sauce.

Recipe for the tomato sauce

For 6 pizzas you need about 2 cans of San Marzano tomatoes in the tin (peeled)

Italian herbs (I always buy the finished spice mixture from MPREIS).

1 toe garlic

First, lightly puree the tomatoes with a blender.

Fry the finely sliced garlic with a little olive oil in the pot, then add the tomatoes. 

Season with the herb mixture and salt as needed and cook for about 1/2 hour on a small heat.

So, now the dough pieces just need to be shaped.For information, see the article Italian Pizza under the heading "Shape Pizza".

Afterwards, the blanks are coated with tomato sauce, sprinkle on them fresh mozzarella, cover to your heart's content and finally sprinkle a little oregano on it. 

Finally, the finished pizza comes in the preheated Ooni Fyra and in 60 – 80 seconds you can enjoy the pizza. For all those who are interested in a pizza oven, here is the link:

Shop Ooni Fyra

All that remains for me is to wish me a good appetite!

I hope you liked it.
I am pleased to have any comment.

Ganz unten auf der Seite habt Ihr die Möglichkeit den Beitrag in den sozialen Medien zu teilen und die Seite zu "liken". 

Hinterlasst mir auch gerne einen Kommentar, wie es Euch gefallen hat.


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