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Wheat spelt mixed bread



The recipe

A delicious freshly baked bread is still the best if you want to eat something delicious in the evening. 

With a little butter, cheese sausage, with a vinegar cucumber or a fresh tomato.When the bread is still a little warm and it smells freshly baked throughout the apartment. 

What could be better?

So, let's bake a loaf of bread:



500g wheat flour type 550

150g wholemeal spelt flour

150g spelt flour smooth

100g sesame

70g chia seeds


100g flaxseed scraped

100g sunflower seeds

Oregano at will

1.5 packs of dry yeast or about 30g fresh yeast (cs. 2/3 cubes)

500ml water lukewarm (approx. 26 – 28°C)

2 tbsp sugar

Put the wheat flour, whole grain spelt flour, spelt flour, sesame, chia seeds, flaxseed, sunflower seeds and oregano into the mixing bowl and mix well. 

The whole thing should then look like the picture on the side.

Remove from the water now about 100ml and stir in the sugar until it has dissolved.

Now add the yeast and stir it until it has dissolved.

Leave this mixture for about 5 min until it visibly begins to foam.

(See picture on the left)

Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and knead again on a floured worktop and then put it in the correct shape for the fermentation basket. 

Flour the fermentation basket well and place the dough in the fermentation basket. Cover the fermentation basket with a damp kitchen towel and leave the dough for 30 min. 

Then place the dough on a baking tray (I take my pizza stone for baking) and place it in the oven at 200°C over and under heat for 45min. 


If you have one, you should use a pizza stone, as it releases the heat better into the bread and the bread just gets a little better. With the pizza stone, the baking time is reduced to 30-35 min.

I can only recommend a fermentation basket as well as a pizza stone for baking bread. It simply gets a much more even and beautiful shape through the fermentation basket. And the pizza stone finishes much more evenly and faster and avoids it getting too dark on the outside because you have to bake it too long. 


If you are not sure if the bread is really baked, you can do the sample again with the chopstick. Simply put a chopstick in the bread from above and stick through to the bottom and pull it out again. If no more dough sticks to the stick, the bread is ready.

Have fun baking and good appetite

Your Tom

Ganz unten auf der Seite habt Ihr die Möglichkeit den Beitrag in den sozialen Medien zu teilen und die Seite zu "liken". 

Hinterlasst mir auch gerne einen Kommentar, wie es Euch gefallen hat.


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