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Ooni Fyra

Pellet heated

Pizza Oven

The review

The Ooni Fyra is a pizza oven heated with pellets.It is heated particularly quickly and reaches up to 500°C.  This means that the pizza is ready in 60 – 80 seconds and tastes delicious as from the Italian. Handling is easy and lighting is no problem thanks to the very good air flow in the housing. 


Pizza is a dish that is not only very popular in Italy. It is very varied, tasty and expensive if you order it for the whole family.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to eat pizza and put a lot of effort into finding the right recipe for the perfect pizza (here's the pizza recipe).

But in a commercial lysme, the result was never as real as the Italian around the corner. So I did some research and thought about how the pizza could get even better.

I came across the company Ooni.

But what exactly is this for a company and what products do they offer? 

Ooni introduces himself in something like this:

With our range of pizza ovens, you become the ultimate pizza cook at home. Our ovens heat up to approx. 500°C in just 15 minutes. This is the temperature you need to make the perfect pizza like in the restaurant. With these high temperatures, the pizza is finished in just 60 seconds and gets a wonderfully crispy crust. A pizza oven that makes pizza better. 

Reality Check

So much for the company's advertising promises. I thought if Ooni's promises are only 50% true, then the pizza can only get better than in a normal oven.I also had the pleasure of experiencing the gas-powered version of the Ooni live with friends. So I ordered one. 

Unpacking and building

The Ooni Fyra arrived very well packed and the package contained the oven, a custom pizza stone, the chimney, the pipe for the Pelllets supply, a small shovel to fill the pellet pipe and manual. Everything seemed very high quality. 

The oven itself was made of one piece and is mainly made of stainless steel. All you had to do was plug in the chimney, fold out your feet at the bottom and plug in the small pipe for the pellets and you could start. 

As already mentioned, the oven is heated with pellets. I had ordered them from Ooni. But there are cheaper alternatives that are just as good. 

Ooni Outdoor Setup


To dance, simply pull out the pellet drawer at the rear end of the oven and fill a shovel of pellets onto the grille. Then put a lighter on it and push the drawer back in. You should make sure that the door is mounted at the front. It is unbelievable, but after about 15 – 20 min. you have a blazing fire in the oven and a delusional high temperature. I didn't measure for lack of thermometers, but I think It's about 500°C. 

Baking pizza

Now the pizza can already be put in the oven. 

Here you have to be very careful. You should turn the pizza every 20 – 30 seconds by a quarter, otherwise it burns at the back. The peephole that is embedded in the door helps you. There you can see quite well when you have to turn the pizza. Over time, you get a very good feeling for when you need to turn the pizza.

My first pizza burned in the back when I got it out after 60 seconds 🙁

Due to the design, you have the most heat at the back (where the fire is). Even if the flames on the ceiling of the furnace hit to the front, the heat is greatest where the source of the fire is. 

Cooling and packaging

After all the pizzas are baked and all present are full, you have to let the oven cool (takes about 45 min – 1h). Afterwards, thanks to the foldable feet and the removable chimney, the oven can be cleared in a very space-saving manner. 

It is also no problem at all to take the oven to a garden party. The oven fits in a slightly larger sports bag and is easy to transport. 



The Ooni Fyra convinced me completely. 

I think there's nothing better to make yourself a pizza that tastes like the Italian. Also these many well thought-out details, such as the pellet hopper in which the pellets slip by themselves only by gravity and thus allow long heating without refilling or the very compact storage or the easy transport and the easy operation make the oven a real enrichment for the garden or balcony equipment. 

The taste of the pizza, which is roasted by real wood fire, is simply not comparable to electrical solutions. 

And if this is too complicated with the pellets, you also have the possibility to buy a gas-powered version (Ooni Karu), with which you can also achieve very good results. 

I hope you liked the article.Anyone who is now convinced of Ooni has the possibility to order the oven directly from my blog.Just click on one of the Ooni banners and you are in the Ooni webshop.I get a small commission for it, but of course you don't pay a penny anymore. 
If you liked it, I would be very happy, as always, if you wrote me your opinion in the comment below.  

See you so
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